Results 2017

Final ranking JLC Polo Masters 2017


1/       VT Wealth Management

2/       Veytay Jaeger-LeCoultre

3/       21st Luxury VAS Polo

4/       Lynx Polo Team

5/       Tracom Polo Team

6/       Cardo Polo Team



Results finals - Sunday, August 27th


Jaeger-LeCoultre Cup (finale)

VT Wealth Management  6  vs  5  Veytay Jaeger-LeCoultre


Ladurée Cup (match pour la 3ème place)

21st Luxury VAS Polo  9.5  vs  7  Lynx Energy


Président Wilson Cup (match pour la 5ème place)

Tracom  11  vs  3.5  Cardo



Results qualifiers - JLC POLO MASTERS 2017


Wednesday, August 16th

21st Luxury VAS Polo  8  vs  6.5  Lynx Energy


Thursday, August 17th

Tracom  5  vs  6  Veytay

VT Wealth  5  vs  2.5  Cardo


Saturday, August 19th

21st Luxury VAS Polo  6  vs  9  Veytay JLC

VT Wealth  8  vs  5.5  Lynx Energy


Sunday, August 20th

Veytay JLC  9  vs  5.5  Cardo

VT Wealth  6  vs  6  Tracom


Tuesday, August 22nd

21st Luxury VAS Polo  8  vs  6  Tracom

Lynx Energy  6  vs  1  Cardo


Wednesday, August 23rd

21st Luxury VAS Polo  6  vs  7  VT Wealth

Lynx Energy  5.5  vs  5  Veytay


Thursday, August 24th

Veytay JLC  8  vs  7  VT Wealth

Tracom  9  vs  1.5  Cardo


Saturday, August 26th

Tracom  5  vs  7.5 Lynx Energy

21st Luxury VAS  3.5  vs  8  Cardo

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