21-22 May - Opening Tournament Results

This month of May has been the second hottest in recorded Swiss history. Despite the heat on saturday afternoon and early sunday morning, 3 teams met on the grass to play the first proper tournament of this season. Despite the hot weather, the fields were in excellent condition.

We were pleased to see that many of our members had tremendously improved their level and were able to play well under the pressure of a tournament.

The score was calculate the "american" way: When three teams play, they meet for four chukkers against each team but split over two days.The number of victories and goals ist then added up at the end to calculate the winner. On Saturday Veytay Blue (Sarah Krasker/Jacky Gian-Carlo Aubry, Bert Poeckes and Martin Luginbühl) with a Total of HCP 0 beat Veytay White (Claire  Payne, Peter Wohlfender, Frederico Riege/Audrey Kohli and Robert Mehm) by one goal, 3-2. On the other hand, Lynx Energy (Cyrille and Edouard Costes - who had just come back from  a few weeks of playing abroad, Jean-Baptiste Ory/Olivier Climaud, Simon Luginbühl) were winning 4-0 against Veytay Blue.

On Sunday for the finales Lynx energy won 9-1 against Veytay white and 6-4 against Veytay blue, thus taking the first place in this tournament. The second place was attributed to Veytay blue, winning 6-3 against Veytay white and losing to Lynxenergy.

In third palce we have Veytay White.

We are thankful to everoyne for the good ambiance and the supports they brought.

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