Jaeger-LeCoultre Polo Masters - Hat trick for Lynx Energy!

Lynx Energy won the Jaeger-LeCoultre Polo Masters 2015! Left to right: Brieuc Rigaux (hp 5), Thierry Vétois (hp 3), Luciano Valiente (hp 0) and Cyrille Costes, Captain (hp 0)

For the third consecutive year, the team Lynx Energy has won the Jaeger-LeCoultre Polo Masters. In an exciting final, Cyrille Costes (0), Luciano Valiente (0), Thierry Vétois (+3) and Brieuc Rigaux (+5) defeated team VT Wealth Management, including Thomas Fedier (0), Sacha Fedier (0), Fabian Bolanterio (+3) and Federico Bachmann (+5), by 10-7.

The final attracted 5,000 spectators, who witnessed a thrilling match at the Polo Club de Veytay in Switzerland. The fourth and last period of the match was the most intense. Team VT Wealth Management scored three goals, but it was not sufficient to impede the domination of Lynx Energy.

At the 2015 Jaeger-LeCoultre Polo Masters, six teams with a handicap of 6 to 8 goals competed against each other over the course of ten days at Polo Club de Veytay in the 27th edition of the event. Players from many different nations participated in the tournament, such as USA, France, Luxembourg, Argentina, Germany and Switzerland.

Team Cardo and Lion’s Polo Team fought in the small final for 3rd place. The match was very tight and both teams fought until the last minute of the game. Finally, team Cardo won by 6.5-6 against Lion’s Polo Team. The half point represents the difference of handicaps of the players of both teams. By late morning, the host team Veytay Jaeger-LeCoultre and team EFG Bank played for fifth place. Veytay Jaeger-LeCoultre defeated EFG Bank by 5.5-3 and was placed fifth.

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